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About Dr. Piana

After graduating from chiropractic school in 1991, Dr. Piana began an apprenticeship in acupuncture with a Grandmaster martial artist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. He spent eight years by his side learning the art of acupuncture, karate, and Qi-gong. Dr. Piana still trains with his Grandmaster and has earned the title of 4th Degree Master Black Belt in martial arts and Qi-Gong. The traditional integration of martial arts and energy healing is well known in the eastern world.

Dr. Piana’s quest to learn the westernization of the eastern art brought him to study acupuncture academically. In 1995 Dr. Piana earned 1000 hours of credit in acupuncture and received Board Certification.

Dr Piana is the founder of Acupuncture under Live Thermography and teaches acupuncturists around the world this emerging technology. Watch the video on Youtube. 

Dr. Piana performs all acupuncture using state of the art thermography to accurately locate areas of imbalance in the body.